Best Selling Cell Phone Tracker – Highster Mobile Review

This Highster Mobile review will provide some meaningful insights into the use of this effective mobile tracking tool. Highster Mobile cell phone tracker is able to be installed in approximately 2 minutes. This is important due to the fact that you may not have access to the target phone for very long, therefore systems with a long installation time may cause trouble. It offers a variety of installation options too, including typing an address into the target phone’s web browser, scanning the QR code of the application, and transferring the application from a computer to the cell phone via a USB or Bluetooth connection.

Cell Phone Tracker – How it works?

A prominent feature that we must mention in this Highster Mobile review is the fact that it is able to record every single call that is dialed by or received by the target phone. Not only this, but it will email a file containing the recording and will also provide information about each call, including the date of the call, the time the call was recorded, and the size of the audio file. This works exactly the same for text messages as well, as every single text message can be setup to be automatically emailed with the times that it was sent and the body/content of the text message.

The phone type selection is somewhat limited compared to competitors, and certain models are only supported on certain phone carriers also. This may hinder people looking to spy on particular types of phones.

This Highster Mobile review seeks to prove that the company definitely has good support and offers 24/7 help, including live chat. Other features of this cell phone tracking system include the ability to view GPS locations, listen to the physical surroundings of the target phone, log all emails and call history, and even view every single picture and video ever taken on the target phone.

To learn more, on how to track a cell phone visit official Highster Mobile website.